Business from home

Today now have the opportunity to start a business not only physical, but also can work from home.
The home-based businesses than ever are appearing everywhere in Latin America. In fact, it has always been a continent of entrepreneurs. But today, people have turned to working from home in entrepreneurial activities that give them more satisfaction, or even an alternative to employment. There is also a great freedom to be your own boss.
Below we explain the top 5 business ideas from home:

The first idea home business is business online. This involves starting a website, and generate revenue is through advertising, selling intangible products, or selling a physical product.

The second home business idea is to offer various types, which you use as your home base of operations, and provides a specific service. Remember that when a service is being offered work or their knowledge at a Price.

The third home business idea, is simply to adapt your home or outdoor space as an input, or local garage, as a business.escritorio-oficina-casa.jpg

The fourth space would rent a house. This can be divided into two
1. Income and housing: This is the most common case, where you can rent a room, to fit any area for lodging, or renting a home section as housing.

2. Income at home or office: This case requires that you have permission from council to commercial land use.


The latest home business idea is to hold events at home and generate income by renting the space for the event, or business services added as food, drinks, ceremony, lights, music and more